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Business Continuity Consulting

Business Continuity Consultants International (BCCI) is a select group of highly experienced, certified Business Continuity Management practitioners who have assisted organizations throughout the world with all aspects of business continuity management and recovery planning over the past two decades. This wealth of diversified experience is called upon in every consulting engagement to help provide the optimal solution to each customer's unique business requirements.

Business Continuity Consultants Intl. is focused on one discipline--protecting its customers' assets through risk reduction and cost effective recovery planning solutions. We are the best at what we do. Business Continuity Consultants Intl., Inc., is an independent consulting firm. Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies are developed objectively without bias toward any vendor-specific technology platforms, or vendor-specific recovery support facilities.

As the economy and market competitiveness challenge your operations, Business Continuity Consultants Intl. can provide the skills necessary to help develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans that will ensure your organization’s survival.

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